Expected results

SafeShore will design a system that will satisfy, at affordable cost, the maritime border security requirements, without causing environmental hazards or interference with other (military or civil) systems.

The SafeShore innovation will be a base for new line of products that will have influence on EU everyday life. One of the fundamental outcomes of the project will be a 3D LIDAR, which is the first step before development of the true real time, full frame rate, hi resolution 3D camera. SafeShore innovation will open wide market perspectives for the various technologies used to detect RPAS. The integration between these technologies will provide a solution to the market where certain technologies will complement others, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

The SafeShore solution is based on:

  • Very low emission laser sensor without any impact on the regular radar spectrum or the environment
  • Passive sensors such as Acoustic, Passive Radio and cameras with Intelligent Video analytics, which are installed on Pan-Tilt mechanisms.

The SafeShore mobile platforms will connect to the Situation Awareness and Management System (SSMS) software platform. The SSMS platform will be integrated with all external systems including physical security, safety and operations. The platform will provide a comprehensive suite of software tools to manage the complete cycle of operation from the command and control centre. As part of the SafeShore implementation, the consortium will deploy and integrate the SSMS platform with multiple mobile platforms and edge devices, deploying network communication and integrate in the control centres.

The SafeShore SSMS will significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Border and External Security. Furthermore, the project will foster collaboration between authorities and other stockholders by using advanced Business Intelligence Analytics (BIA) and correlation techniques to deliver a clear situation awareness picture out of all the sensors to the related forces and systems.

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SafeShore is a project funded by the European Commission
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 700643