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S.C. INSTITUTUL de OPTOELECTRONICA S.A. (IOEL) is a research organization founded in 1991 and it is a leading provider of R&D services for optics and electrooptics. Researchers contribute with their experience and national and international recognition acquired through successful completion of national and international projects (PN I and PN II, respectively FP 5, FP 6 and FP 7). Research activity in IOEL is directed towards understanding and analysis of optical phenomena, innovative design of electrooptic systems, micro and nanostructures deposit on optical glass and new technologies for assessing product performance.

In 2011 S.C. Pro Optica S.A. became the majority shareholder of IOEL. The specialists transfered from the research division of Pro Optica have diversified capabilities and competencies in optics and optoelectronics at IOEL. These researchers have enhanced the reputation of IOEL by their knowledge contribution and expertise from over 90 research projects funded by National Research-Development and Innovation Programmes (PN I and PN II), EU Research Framework Programmes (FP5, FP6, FP7), or public or private Romanian customers. IOEL, as a research organization, with the companies of Pro Optica group and with other public or private entities, can participate to promote research projects in national and international frame competitions.

Among recent national projects, some more relevant are: Manufacture Technology for antiglare optical coat in spectral range [425-900] nm – ARTEC (C-27CI/2012) , project completed in 2012 ( PN II- Innovation Cheques ); Electro-plasmonic for the analysis of the dynamics of cellular processes and biomolecular interactions– BIOSCOPE (C11-PN-II-ID-PCCE-2012-2) on PN II-Ideas completed in 2014; Optoelectronic systems with aspheric optics, with image forming in IR spectral range–SOFIR (C27-PN-II-IN-DSPT-2012-1) still in progress (PN II-Innovation ); New magneto-optical vitreous materials applied in optoelectronics (MOVITOPT) (C186-PN-II-PT-PCCA-2011-3) still in progress ( PN-II-Partnerships ). Other International Projects with IOEL researchers participation are: CreepImage—Development of a long term creep monitoring image based technique (Call: FP7-SME-2011, Research for the benefit of specific groups – Grant agreement: 284986; Project completed in 2014; Project leader: TWI (UK)) ; DashWin-Development of Advanced Shearography System for On-Site Inspection of Wind Turbine Blades (Call: FP7-SME-2011, Research for the benefit of specific groups; Grant agreement: 283533; Project completed in 2013; Project leader: TWI (UK)) ; iDetecT4All- Novel Intruder Detection & Authentication Optical Sensing Technology (Call: FP7-Cllaborative project SEC-2007-2.3.04: Small area 24 hours surveillance; Grant agreement: 211872; Project completed in 2011; Project leader: Instro precision (UK)).

The partnership between IOEL, as a research organization, and the affiliated companies of the group, is the best solution to fulfill the requirements from internal and external customers. IOEL is the sole research organization in Romania together with strong and dynamic SMEs acting in defense and security domain. These SMEs generates R&D needs for IOEL, are highly interested in results, provide funding and are directly concerned on technological transfer. Research is directed to: application based on physical phenomena of optics, advanced detection systems, command and control and sensor-based multispectral image analysis, development of complex electro optic systems, performance improvement of observation systems in the visible and IR spectrum, including in difficult conditions, use of new materials and technologies in optics and electro optics in order to promote systems with superior performances, dimensions, weights and lower costs.

The offer of R&D is diverse and covers: design, assembling of experimental models and maufacture prototypes, measuring, testing and validation of prototypes, technological transfer to the enterprises of the group; at these capabilities it can be added know-how, skilled specialists, existing measurement equipments and integrated project management. IOEL is holding the secretariat of the national technical committee CT 230 which is a member body of ISO/TC 172 “Optics and photonics”; in this field it participates in preparing International Standards.

IOEL can develop successful new projects in its field based on: technical and scientific expertise of its researchers, the research laboratories facilities, the capability to do experimental assemblies, the creative application of engineering concepts, the use of computing technologies and the teamwork environment. The research activity in IOEL, as a center of excellence for Pro Optica and affiliated group of companies, is oriented in special to address their research needs, and also to other companies and research entities. Homepage:

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